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Create fast and efficient project update reports
Quick and simple to save, send and copy
Provide direct access for stakeholders

All features

Easy to design, copy and send your project status
Store your project data
Personalize your reporting (subjects, order, icons)
History of all project updates available
Manage contact persons for sending updates or direct project access
Reminders for sending new project updates
Highest and lowest project result rating
Create a report, even without registration
With free registration: Control 1 project including all options
Various subscriptions avialable

Example report project status

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Membership options

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Quick: available functions without registration

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Functionality Q R M O E
Create report
Copy report
Print report
Send report -
Save project data -
Personalize report -
Projects per user - 1 20 20 20
Users per office - - - 20 20
Offices per enterprise - - - - 20
Ads - - -