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"This simple tool gave us more swift insight and lowered our average failure rate by 37%..."

Grip on projects for my organization

In relation to my responsibility for a large organization with multiple offices it was a challenge to keep an overview on the various projects we had. There are always risks in relation to costs, planning and fulfilling agreements.
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I'm very satisfied with the quality of our project leaders but due to the compact project-status updates they send now, you see in a second which areas need attention and it shows also that they have proper insight on the business.

Due to more swift insights we have lowered our failure rate costs by 37%. Therefore these ProjectUpdates reports are now mandatory for all high level projects.
It's crucial that they mention also the critical or negative information. I need clarity: be honest about the real status! Better an honest critical report than to stay in the dark with all associated risks.

The read-only access for projects comes in handy for me. Easy to access with a cell phone, since I am often on the road. I have to admit: it gives me a good feeling to see all those green marker passing by.

This tool provides me and our company more ease and a good overview.


Robert Jackson
CEO Construction Builders