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"I create my project updates faster and they look much better!"

Perfect for me as a Freelancer

I used to create proper project reports in Word or Excel to send decent updates. After all, just a piece of text has much less impact compared to visual indicators combined with a proper order of the subjects.
The disadvantage of such 'designs' is that it took quite some extra time and was therefore often left out. Believe me, I know this was bad Project Management, but it was reality.
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Now I can create and send an update to all desired stakeholders in no-time, which creates peace of mind for all of us and it also shows I'm having a good project overview.

In addition, I found it very useful to have all ProjectUpdates functionality available for the first project, just all for free.
The costs for multi-project management are really low compared to other project tools. I spend a small yearly amount on this, which is comparable to monthly costs with other online solutions. These other tools have also an overhead of functionality: many things are used less or even not at all.

I use my report history to keep track of all occurred issues: pinpoint the source and indicate which parties can improve their services.
Several stakeholders were even confronted that the status was regularly less positive due to their performance. This overview in time gave them the extra trigger to implement quality improvements.

After a while even the least expected happened: by sending these quality project updates I gained 2 large clients. Unbelievable what the result can be of providing extra insight and overview...

Jean Mertens
Freelance Project Manager