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"For a single project you get all functionality... FOR FREE!"

What do I get for free with one project?

That's simple: EVERYTHING!

Directly after your registration you'll have all the functionality available for one project!
And that is a lot:
  • Unlimited number of reports for your project
  • Create reports
  • Manage reports
  • Print reports
  • Copy reports
  • Send reports
  • Set personal preferences for your project and reports like:
    - reports subjects
    - report layout
    - show expected trending
    - show previous report status
    - a wide range of icons to choose from
      for project status and trending
    - project update frequency
    - project report numbering
    - defining stakeholders
    - way of updating stakeholders
      (by e-mail or provide view only access)
  • Manage an unlimited number of companies
  • Manage an unlimited number of contact persons
Story image This free functionality is not only for your first project but also for projects after that one, just as long as you manage 1 project at a time.

Additionally, you can also view the project status of other users when they have granted you permission for this.
Whether you are a CEO, PMO, client or even an involved stakeholder, this functionality provides you a quick overview and insight of all pending projects.
And all just for free!

What's extra with a paid membership?

With a paid membership you will get this functionality for a multitude of projects (max. 20).

Then, besides your personal preferences, you will also be able to set preferences per project. These project preferences will take precedence over your personal preferences so you will keep a maximum flexibility per project.

In case you have a complex project where you need different reports per group of stakeholders, just add a second project and define the desires settings (like report subjects and stakeholders). On that way you can easily update the various stakeholders based on their demands.

In brief:
  • Everything is free available for 1 project
  • Optimal flexibility with a paid membership