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"I get less questions and my stakeholders are better and faster informed"

My experience as a Project Manager

I can't imagine I ran large projects in the past and sent status updates where needed without the use of ProjectUpdates. I frequently got requests from various parties afterwards how the project was going, even during the evening hours, in the weekend or other less fortunate moments.
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It's a breeze now to send an overview to all stakeholders and keep them up-to-date in a structural way on the most important subjects.

The report design 'forces' you to reconsider which items must be mentioned. As with proper project management: maintain the overview and communicate clearly towards your stakeholders.

It comes in handy that the previous report status can automatically be shown for each subject, including the expected trend of the coming period. And since the update-frequency can differ per client or project scope, this can also easily be defined per project.

I didn't expect this online tool would provide so much peace of mind for myself and the involved stakeholders. And that it's easy to use is even an extra bonus.


John Hendriks
Project Manager Industry Solutions